In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partner. Discuss both systems and state one do you think is better?

Marriage is an important decision that one has to take at some point in their life. It is popular in some nations for parents to arrange the marriage of their offspring whereas, in others, individuals select their companions on their own.
parents are more experienced and know what is best for their children, it is optimum to ask their offspring's opinions prior to fixing their weddings. Personally, I think that involved parties should discuss and understand each other before making a choice.
To begin
with the arranged wedding, parents have already experienced the hardships of life.
As a result
, they are best positioned to take the right decision for their children.
, sometimes they take decisions under the pressure from their society.
For example
, we see and heard the news of children as well as forced marriages, especially in rural parts of India.
On the contrary
, love weddings are the ones where individuals have the freedom to choose their counterparts which is the most popular form in western countries. In
type of marriage, partners know each other or might have dated each other for a long time.
, they know each other's preferences beforehand which would not have been possible if their relatives had made the decision
. Having said that, in some cases, folks make the choice about their wedding life in a hurry because they might not be mature enough to understand the challenges they might face posting their wedding. To illustrate, many couples elope in order to get married to each other just because their elders do not agree. In conclusion, it is evident that both wedding systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. As in the case of relatives arranging the wedding for their pupils, they select the partners for them with their experiences whereas, in the case of love marriages, couples get the benefit of knowing each other beforehand.
, in my opinion, individuals should seek their elders' advice and at the same time, elders should understand their offspring's decisions.
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