Children can learn effectively by watching television. Therefore they should be encouraged to watch television regularly at home and at school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe
will have the ability to learn more effectively by watching
and should
be more encouraged to watch more of it regularly at their private residence or at school. In
essay, I will explain why I do not agree with
, letting children watch television on their own would expose them to random content which is not appropriate for their age as well as getting view problems at an early age . Youngsters will have access to any kind of movies or
shows that could have a negative impact on them when they become older.
For instance
under 15 years of age have been banned from watching
in China.
, experts have done studies that showed that younger viewers’ eyes are more sensitive and will be harmed in the process of staring at the screen.
As a result
, these
will require glasses when they get older since their vision got worse because of
content has a pure purpose of entertaining and avoiding the process of thinking.
will have a higher chance of learning more from reading or talking to adults about what is happening in their surroundings than from watching
For example
, a study from 2008 that was done in Canada showed that from the ages 1 to 8 years old, children have proven to learn new topics in school by listening to their teacher and asking questions.
In addition
to that, it has been shown that in later years there has increased the number of graduated students who spent less time watching
. In conclusion, there are better options for younger individuals when it comes to gaining new information
as reading, processing and talking about
content with others. In saying
, I do not agree with the statement above due to the fact that teaching happens in those moments that would benefit them better rather than staring at a screen.
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