Many parents are unhappy with their children playing violent games and watching violent movies. How it can effect children and what can be done to solve this problem

Most of the guardians do not support their wards to watch action films and play offensive digital
programs directly or indirectly affect young viewers' mentality and behaviour and
habit can be ameliorated by the synergetic efforts of parents and the sensor board. By watching violent television shows and playing violent
, children may get behavioural variations.
is because young ones are like clay and they can easily be moulded. At
point of age, adolescents are so vulnerable to inheriting
stuff which they should not. Since their grasping power is higher, they tend to act on what they watch and imitate actively.
As a result
, indulging in fights, kicking, hitting and using harsh words become their permanent way to respond. A recent survey conducted by WHO concluded that 80% of children who have offensive nature watch action movies and play aggressive online
regularly. To reverse
situation, several strategies can be adopted and the prime of them is the intervention by the censor board.Not surprisingly, It must reject the online
which contain stuff like fighting in shooting, as the main audience of
movies and
are juveniles.
, they should outline an age limit so that young ones cannot install
offensive material from the play store. Another solution for
problem has something to do with parents. The caretakers ought to supervise the content being watched by their tiny tots,most of the time, and little effort in the counselling on what to watch can make big difference. Despite a strict
Fix the agreement mistake

It seems that restriction may not agree in number with other words in this phrase.

show examples
, children need to be given a substitute so that they can dwindle their minds.
For instance
, gifting a musical instrument as per their inclination or an enthralling storybook may bring positive results. In conclusion, it is obvious for parents not to feel contended when their young ones stalk the offensive data because it may influence their behavioural patterns.
, a balanced approach of both guardians and concerned authorities may call for a good future.
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