Online education is becoming more and more popular. Some people claim that e-learning has so many benefits that it will replace face-to-face education soon. Others say that traditional education is irreplaceable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

contemporary era, online education has become
of the most debatable concepts. The idea that, whether online learning would replace the traditional
or not, because of its beneficial effects, remains a source of controversy. In
disquisition. will explicate both stances before presenting my consensus on the former opinion. To commence with the opinion that e-learning will replace the traditional
, there are myriad reasons to be shared in its favour. The
and most prominent
is that online education makes learning easy and convenient for everyone. To elucidate
, people who have smartphones or laptops can learn anything from any place without going to any particular class or institute.
For instance
, if a person is sick or disabled, he doesn't have to go to institutes or schools in order to get an education or any degree. Rather he can attend the class just by sitting at home.
, there are an enormous amount of resources available on the internet for free. It is undeniable that people can be benefitted by using these materials and
will be able to get a better knowledge regarding any specific topic. From
, it is clear that there are viable reasons to accept
On the other hand
, why do some people think that the traditional educational system is irreplaceable?
of all, parents are still confused about the effectiveness of e-learning as well as most of them do not prefer
medium of learning.
for example
, a survey conducted by ILO in 2015 in the UK, revealed that on average, approximately 65% of the parents do not prefer online classes over offline ones. Apart from
, the vanquishing of traditional Schooling might create a huge Job Crisis as almost all of the teachers would lose their jobs, which might be harmful to our society.
, the elucidations above show why the importance of the typical method of learning is undeniable. To conclude, in spite of having the fact that e-learning has allowed us a lot of benefits, it is irrefutable that offline learning is still widely accepted by most of the population.
, the significance of the conventional educational system is inevitable.
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