The shortage of housing in big cities can cause severe consequences. Only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some today argue that only authorities are capable of countering problems in cities resulting from housing shortages. In my opinion,
the state should be the primary actor,
offer aid. On the one hand, only politics have the authority to enact truly large-scale change. authority by design makes decisions for the benefit of the entire citizenry. An example of how
could relate to housing issues would be the urban planning in New York
over the
century. The authorities there had to contend with an unprecedented population surge in a limited urban area. They responded by building skyscrapers that could house many residents, expanding public transport, and constructing various highways to allow commuters to live nearby the
. These solutions could only have been successfully undertaken at the behest of the government.
, though the role of
is less prominent, it still exists. In the previous example, voters in New York
were able to make their voices heard by voting for mayors and governors that best served them. In the event that the government is not addressing housing problems sufficiently,
citizens can write to their representatives, organize protests, or take more drastic action
as relocating to a new
. In the era of social media, it is now more possible than ever before for the average person to openly discuss these issues.
will always find methods to pressure governments, including in areas related to housing. In conclusion, I disagree with those who contend only government action can improve housing issues in major metropolitan areas as
can collectively always engender some degree of reform. Governments will ideally enact laws based on the needs of the general populace.
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