Write a letter to your manager to report a mistake you found in a magazine article about your company In your letter • Describe the magazine and the article. • What was the mistake? • Explain what you would like the manager to do about it.

Dear Manager, I am writing
letter to bring your notice regarding the ABC monthly magazine publications front cover-page report which is the best publications in the current print media market. As you know, we have given our company details to publish in that magazine and it was a very nice and great to see
a beautiful cover page with full details.
, I noticed that there was a small mistake in the company profile which was updated incorrectly and I see that the entire profile information was incorrect and not accurate as per the bank and government records. As you here about the mistake which was there on the front page of the magazine and it is much needed to correct and update the profile without any
In addition
, we may need to touch base with the reporter and ask them to modify and publish the data again which is always the best considering the goodwill and customer trust towards our company. I look forward to seeing another report with the correct information. Hope we will publish it soon. Yours Faithfully, Lakshmi.
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