Some people believe using modern technology (digital photographs, blogs) is the best way to record and remember important personal events. Others think the traditional method (making photo albums, writing diaries) is better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

With the latest technology, it has become easier to keep a track of different activities. Many argue that it’s a blessing to have their writings, documents and pictures digitalised, and stored correctly, while others still prefer to scribble on a notepad or own the physical copies of the photographs. In
essay, we will discuss both sides of the argument along with my viewpoint that supports the latest method. To commence with, it is easy to store and refer to photos or write-ups online.
For example
, Google photos sync a phone camera to a mobile app and it automatically saves the snaps and notifies the memories on a yearly basis. Apart from that, blogs
as food or travel ones can be published on umpteen social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which has the power to cater for a wider audience. As people keep on re-sharing these posts.
, if everything is digitalised, there is no fear of losing the documents and the pictures.
, it’s convenient to rely on
On the other hand
, individuals feel connected to the hard copies of a picture or document. To elaborate on
, holding a picture gives an ecstatic pleasure to reminiscing about the old memories.
, preserving a diary is easy, and there is no fear of copyrights. Plagiarism is common with online articles and people can easily steal the content for their own benefit.
, the traditional method is safer compared to the new one. To summarise,
it gives a sense of security and happiness to have physical copies, sharing content online helps to share blogs with a larger audience.
, at the fingertips, one can browse and save digital photos. From my perspective, one should go paperless and start using new methods to cherish memories because it’s a hassle-free way to look back.
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