Towns and cities should be divided into zones so that all the schools are in one area, all the shopping malls are located together and all the industrial sites are situated close to each other. To what extent do you agree that urban areas should be split into distinct zones?

Municipalities and downtowns should be isolated into regions so that all the study places are together and shopping centres are transferred to one range
, complete industries locations are established near to each other. I agree with the statement that the urban sector should be divided into different sections, In the following ,paragraphs will discuss all the views of the essay.
To begin
with, the
and the foremost advantage in the health of people by shifting factories to a separate location of the town because the gasses emitted from the industries directly affect the social health. Nowadays, pollution is a global issue around the world and every nation working on it to reduce
problem by locating industries far away from the population area.
For example
, carbon mono-oxide is an extremely dangerous gas for the environment which make affects the lungs of the human body.
, parents always search for the best institute for their children so if all education centres will be in a particular field it helps them to select a better option for pupils and it helps students by sharing their knowledge with each other as well as enhance their skills.
, many people spend a lot of time purchasing things from different places, so, if all the shopping malls are located in one place it will help them in buying items from one region of the city,
as a result
, they can save their crucial time.
For instance
, traffic jams are a common problem in all markets of the town, so to overcome
issue people waste their time without any consequences, which is a big loss for society.
, a separate location for a shopping centre with a parking area is a better option for urban territory. To conclude, governments should take initiative to prepare separation between education places, shopping markets and industrial areas of the towns as well as cities which helps the local public in many aspects like, they will be kept away from numerous types of pollution and they become more healthy.
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