The government should invest more money in teaching science than in other subjects for a country development and progress. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In modern society,it is widely supported that the authorities should fund the course of
which will constitute the country's development.Despite
,plenty of others claim the opposite.In my humble opinion,
-related courses are thought to be extremely essential for everyone. There are several benefits that scientific knowledge has to provide.
is considered to be enormously fundamental for the process of medicine.
In other words
,researchers can work with doctors and medical experts in order to examine more effective ways that will assist sick or unfortunate individuals.Specifically,disabled persons,individuals that suffer from cancer and developing societies that are hit by severe diseases can take the advantage given by these innovative methods.As an outcome,the lifestyle of everyone that suffers is being updated to a great extent. Another vital pro of that funding is that it attracts the youth.
and foremost, youngsters are getting intrigued by scientific courses.To be more precise, myriads of teens tend to prefer to attend practical classes or seminars that are accurate to
For instance
,they are getting extremely excited by computer
,artificial intelligence, space exploration and robotic methods that help in medicine.As an impact,unemployment rates are starting to decrease because that sector is getting marvellously popular and it is easier to be employed. To sum up, taking all the aforementioned arguments into deep consideration, it is apparent that
is believed to be the basic asset of an advanced society.I strongly support that its funding is a necessity for every
21st century
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