The government should invest more money in teaching science than in other subjects for a country development and progress. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

fast-paced modern world, a lot of authorities are thinking to give preference to their desired subject.
traditional sects are preferring science approaches, the dominance of arts and technical spheres can not be overlooked. In
frame of reference, I am strongly disagree with the statement and considering it less practical and irrational. The
perspective which pushes me to stay firm with my notion is the less contribution of science subjects to the country's economy. As a matter of fact, science is only contributing 10% of money generation the other 90% of revenue comes from other arts and technical fields. In
contemporary epoch, computer and IT are the most demanding and appealing ways of raising the country's revenue. Take an instance of, France which is particularly famous for its art subjects
as history and psychology, and
becomes one of the leading economies in the world eventually. Another aspect is the element of a confined and limited approach. To illustrate it, if one nation merely relies on a particular aspect and considers it most essential for development, resultingly, the other fields will go down and their streak of progress will fluctuate.
, that nation can't make a balance between the people of all spheres of life. To conclude, my ideas in favour of a balanced approach are subjectively valid and practical to raising income,
of blindly or conventionally advocating scientific spheres, there should be work on other facets of life, as well as one's should think about the contemporary world's new dimensions and its requirements to trigger economy.
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