Last year you attended a presentation skill course at the Sydney College of Australia. Your new employer has asked you to provide copies of your reports and assignments as quickly as possible. Write a letter to the director of the school. In your letter, explain: • who you are and why you are writing • request these documents • ask whether you need to pay any fee for that

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to request the reports and assignments I prepared during a course at your Sydney College of Australia. My name is Kirandeep Kaur and I completed a presentation skill program in the year 2020. My student ID is 13245. I am grateful to have completed
a recognised course from your institution as it has opened a variety of opportunities for me. Recently, I have been offered a job at a prestigious company known as ABC Ltd. and as a part of the recruitment process, I need to provide any skill certificates to the employer.
I received the documents six months back, they got misplaced while shifting to a new house. Since I need these papers within a week, please let me know if there is any fee involved. I am ready to pay the amount, kindly inform me of the mode of payment and the amount to be credited. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Kirandeep Kaur
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