These days many families move to other countries for work. Some people believe that the children in these families benefit from this move. However, others believe that it makes life more difficult for children. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Nowadays, many families tend to convey their accommodation to another country because of available jobs and vocations there, and they generally have their own kids with them while travelling. Some see that it has to be considered a benefit for them, whereas others think that it makes life more tough and dreadful for them. As far as I am concerned, I strongly agree that it is so important and beneficial for them as it does not badly affect their ability to accumulate a new environment. There are several reasons why people opine that travelling to a new country or place is
merit for kids. The prominent one is that it broadens the kids' horizons, and widens their knowledge and experience, as they see and socialize with different kinds of people and various cultures which can increase their recommendation while signing for a high-quality occupation.
In addition
, they think, they might find new facilities and better public services which lead to a more comfortable life.
For example
, a large number of malls, parks, cinemas, public transportation and fitness courts.
On the other hand
, some people say that it would be a demerit because changing life drastically is a complete disaster for children's future as they have to alter their lifestyle and interact with the new real world.
, if they did not succeed in accumulating
atmosphere, they would not be able to continue their lives happily.
For instance
, finding new friends and creating relationships with their neighbourhoods will be much more difficult, if they do not know anyone there.
, they may get in trouble because each person has to have a circle of friends. In conclusion, from my perspective, I see that the advantages of
sudden convey are far greater than its drawbacks.
, I have to admit that some might find it easy to alter their own plans or daily routines in order to have perfect work.
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