more and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than being face to face. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using techology for communication

Telecommunication is often chosen by both organisations and individuals rather than a face-to-face business transaction, as it is a more convenient and easy way to deliver gifts to a family member. Environmental pollution, delay in the shipping of the product and unable to return goods by customers are the challenges being faced.
To begin
with, telemarketing has added more leisure time for both managers and buyers. As marketing exchange is done in their comfort zone, while the equipment is brought to their doorstep.
For example
, in Nigeria, Jumia company have a worldwide delivery service even to the door post of their customers. Again, time-consuming is avoided and the rate of rewards to relations is improved.
, the majority of gifts are packaged with a lot of cartons, which the individual cannot dispose of properly or recycle, as
may cause environmental pollution to the community.
In addition
, the shipping of the goods is mostly delayed due to the distance of the receiver. Since, the delivery date can be extended without the knowledge of the customers, if the company is out of stock. Moreso, products given to the users are not what they need, which they find difficult to recover their money back from the company, as the industry will refuse the product or refund.
For instance
, a friend of mine
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purchased a shoe for N14000 from
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the Konga

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organisation and he received two left legs without the right one, until now he was unable to return it back after all his pleading. The demerit cannot be compared to the merits. In conclusion, online sales have been preferred by employers and users as it saves time-consuming and faster method of gifting clans
there is a setback in shipping, difficulty to return goods and increased pollution in the environment are the problems seen
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