You have recently purchased a gift item for one of your friends. Write a letter to this friend. In your letter, tell him/her about the gift tell how you want to sent the gift to this friend explain why you chose this gift for your friend

Dear John, It has been
a long time since we spoke. I hope my letter finds you well and in a good health. As you know. I have been living in Singapore for the past few years to accomplish my office project with one of my clients. I have completed my project successfully and just came back to India
In addition
, I know you are a whisky lover, so I bought a special whisky for you from Singapore. It is so famous all over the world,
, it is being manufactured there only,
, other countries have to import from Singapore.
, it is very costly here, so I thought to purchase it for all my friends. Right now, I am living with my parents in Delhi so, I can come to your house to hand it over to you. Let me know when you would be free to meet. Looking forward to seeing you. Regards Shikha
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