Some people say that feeling of competition should be encouraged in children other say they should be taught to become cooperative. Opinion?

Children are like tender buds that need to be inculcated with basic values to lead a happy life. It became a debatable issue amongst people whether competitive behaviour should be filled in the youngsters or the possession of cooperative values towards others. In
essay, I will illustrate the plausible reasons for the importance of cooperative behaviour with others.
To begin
with, nowadays people are connecting with each other from around the world, which became possible by adjusting and cooperating abilities. In ,childhood
trait taught students to sacrifice and put their party before their personal benefits.
of being selfish, kids give full support to every squad member.
helped in the betterment of their future.
For instance
, a survey revealed that
, 45% of scientists working in NASA are from different countries, cultures and origins but they work for common goals in combination.
, teamwork needs help from every member in form of cooperation.
, It brings the best out of an individual. Despite being busy in their work, organization members tend to help others through suggestions, moral support or by other means for better outcomes.
For example
, a survey conducted on Google employees revealed that feedback from colleagues can lead to fruitful results in any project. A company project proved more effective and more efficient than
that is
done by a single individual because an individual worker has to tackle stress and other problems that got divided between club members. In Conclusion, cooperation is the main trait for building the impressive personality of kids and it remained with him for his whole life.
, without
quality, children turned into unsatisfied and jealous persons, who are not adored by society.
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