Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes or violence increase. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Serious crimes need capital
so that the {tooltip}offender{end-link}offenders{end-tooltip} are unable to get involved in the
in the future.
, {tooltip}If{end-link}if{end-tooltip} they want to stop the acts of violation in the future
it would be better to {tooltip}forget him and judge him for a change{end-link}a confusing expression{end-tooltip} . Overall, I agree with the fact that
is the
to avoid the {tooltip}
to be increased{end-link}increase in
rate{end-tooltip} and
our lives become more secure. If the wrongdoer wants to be a good {tooltip}man{end-link}person{end-tooltip} and there is a particular financial or personal problem that led him to the wrong
it would be
Correct article usage

It seems that there is an article usage problem here.

show examples
nice option to forgive him and try to solve the problem he {tooltip}have{end-link}has{end-tooltip}.
, some bad {tooltip}man{end-link}people{end-tooltip} may become effective {tooltip}part{end-link}members{end-tooltip} of the society but some do not bring themselves to the right path because they are {tooltip}very much used to of it{end-link}incorrect unclear expression{end-tooltip}. The person that {tooltip}_{end-link}"is" was missing here{end-tooltip} involved in the
and never {tooltip}try{end-link}tries{end-tooltip} to stop the law-breaking act should be punished in {tooltip}the{end-link}an{end-tooltip} extremely serious
, it totally depends on the nature of
Add an article
the crime

The noun phrase crime seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

show examples
. Some {tooltip}
led{end-link}crimes lead{end-tooltip} to a capital
and some may require a small penalty. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of
that he deserves. If there is weak legislation to properly handle the offender, {tooltip}become our society less secure{end-link}mean that our society becomes less secure{end-tooltip} for the good {tooltip}man{end-link}people{end-tooltip}. The government should be the responsible authority to provide a secure and better state to live
Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

show examples
Laws should be implemented and executed in the most proper
that {tooltip}do{end-link}does{end-tooltip} not allow the offender to commit violent acts or to break the law in any
and to any extent. To sum up, it is the responsibility of the state {tooltip}runner{end-link}remove, not necessary{end-tooltip} to stop people {tooltip}to{end-link}from getting{end-tooltip} involved in
. It may be done through solving the problems of the people that led them to commit that {tooltip}violence{end-link}violent{end-tooltip} act or by the
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