You use the local swimming pool often, and during one of your visits, you encountered a problem. Write a letter to the manager. In your letter describe what the problem was tell what the swimming pool staff have done about it suggest your own solution to the problem.

Dear Mr Verma, Hope you are doing good, I am one of the members of your swimming
facility. I am writing
letter to express my concern over the
day, I went to the
for my weekly routine of swimming.
, surprisingly at that time, nobody from the rescuer team was available. Even though no
mishappening occurred, there were children practising and emergency situations might happen. I had word with one of your staff members and she told me that they all were having their evening snacks.
, I requested them to mark their presence at the
but they have not taken that advice seriously.
, I would like to request you to deploy more staff or you can have the proper different shifts and break timings for each of them. So that, even if any emergency happens, someone must be there to tackle it. Hope you will be able to understand what I wanted to highlight and that you will take appropriate measures. Feel free if any details are required from my side. Yours Faithfully, Shivam
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