Some people think that educational qualifications always bring success, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Whereas educational
is regarded as the prime factor in professional
by many people, others suggest that different reasons are to be held accountable as well. I strongly believe that several other aspects of a person's life are part of
accomplishment. On the one hand, it is fairly known that thriving at school proves fundamental to securing great future prospects.
For instance
, research on Argentinean law firms has shown that only applicants who graduated with top qualifications can ever make it to high-level corporate positions.
, owing to their educational background, scholars are granted access to high-paying jobs and selected positions.
, I believe that succeeding personally and professionally is
due to other highly valuable assets,
as self-reliance, perseverance,
ambition and so on.
On the other hand
, while attending school students live in a safe environment and
, they have no factual knowledge of what real-life adversities are. It is widely known that students from affluent families,
for example
, tend to excel at higher educational institutions mainly due to their title and heritage. Their families create a safe environment so that these individuals can easily obtain high qualifications without knowing it will have a detrimental effect on their future. These youngsters end up entering the workforce with no adequate skills to face real-life challenges and
, without the ability to individually achieve
. To conclude, both aforementioned views in regard to what actually brings
to people's lives exist in today's society. In my opinion, in order to achieve wealth and prestige people have to
had obtained several human qualities throughout their careers.
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