Some people like to try new things, for example, places to visit and types of food. Other people prefer to keep doinf things they are familier with. Discuss both these attitides and give your own opinion.

It is said that some individuals prefer to follow the routine, while some wish to challenge themselves and try something new.
, I entirely concur that people ought to challenge themselves based on providing opportunities for exploration.
, I believe that trying unfamiliar stuff allows us to explore ourselves. It is true that travelling to some special countries,
as Middle East countries or eating insects in Thailand is completely new in our mind. Beforehand, you might reckon that those places are not famous tourist sites or it is crazy to put insects in your mouth.
In contrast
, you will never know what is your real expression, unless you try it.
For instance
, a well-known YouTuber, Torres Pit, loves to explore different countries, especially the places where the public is stereotyped as dangerous or scary. He wishes to change people's stereotypical mindset by showing them the real picture of these places. As the old say, life is short, we should explore more and live without regret. It reveals that it is crucial to give yourself a chance to step out of your comfort zone and embrace all new things.
, some argue that living with a fixed routine is comfortable. It is undoubted that some individuals hate changes, as they recognize changes are something that may disturb their normal life. Take my grandma as an example, she stereotyped eating raw meats will hinder our health, as the meats include countless bacteria.
, she tends to eat steak in well-done condition rather than medium rare or rare. It reveals that someone treats new stuff as a threat in life so they tend to continue their own schedule.
In addition
, the folk want to ensure their safety, as they reckon that new stuff might have to bear risk,
as travelling to an unfamiliar region, they have a sense of worry, like can they return home? On a whole, some tend not to try anything new due to a sense of insecurity. In a nutshell, both sides have different strong arguments on
, I strongly stand by embracing the latest things that may surprise us.
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