Houses are essential for people. Some argue that governments should offer free houses for people who can not afford to pay for it. Do you agree or disagree with the statement.

With increasing recession and inflation, much of the population is struggling to make ends meet. Clearly, many believe that the higher governing bodies should provide the less fortunate homes to reside in as houses are essential. I strongly agree with
statement and believe that if the government was to take
step, it could help curb homelessness, limit crimes and allow business start-ups to help boost the
, if the government provides shelter for free over many people's heads, it can allow many to become independent.
For instance
, a safe place allows individuals to start their own businesses. Nowadays, a lot of businesses start small from the home and later develop into something bigger.
As a result
allows money to be put back into the
helping to combat recession. Another point to consider is that providing homes allows the population to have a safe haven.
For example
, research suggests that homeless people tend to commit more crimes by getting involved in illegal activities in order to make ends meet.
In particular
, those who feel like they have nothing to lose may indulge in
, resulting in increased crime rates
deteriorating the
, staying off the streets allows for limiting the spread of communicable diseases , which
would be a strain on the healthcare system. To cite an example, research suggests that
diseases can spread in any condition, several infectious diseases are transmitted due to poor hygiene and crowding in unsanitary conditions.
, an increase in the transmission of disease can lead to a rise in hospital admissions adding to the NHS burden both physically and financially. To conclude, I believe that providing the free house incentive will help alleviate financial struggles on a much larger scale.
, it can help combat any crimes as well as help boost the
. For
reason, providing better outcomes for those struggling.
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