Environment pollution has become one of the most series in todays word . What are the causes of environmental pollution? What measures can be taken to tackle this issue?

It is true that in the contemporary epoch depletion of the environment has become a topic of debate among human beings. As
is happening because of many engenders and
menace can be tackled after taking useful actions.
To begin
with, the main cause is the unmindful behaviour of human beings towards their actions. They throw
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things after using the once on public places or roads. That increase the amount of
on Earth as
is a harmful material that affects surroundings in many ways and causes pollution. A
well-known cause is the overuse of private vehicles. There is no doubt that the living standard of human beings has become higher in comparison to the
decades and they are able to procure materialistic things
as cars, and clothes.
, they avoid the use of public transport and the level of environmental pollution has been increasing. Turning to the possible remedies for
menace, the most effective measure could be awareness, there is still a large number of people, especially in rural areas, who do not know the disadvantages of
along with
they need proper guidance. If the government ran an awareness campaign, it would aware public and lead them in the right direction. Another pragmatic action may be to work on the infrastructure of public transport. To elaborate on
, some individuals think that buses and trains are neither comfortable nor frequent to travel and they give preference commuting by car.
, by making amends in
sector individuals not only be motivated to use buses but
can decrease travelling fairs. Examples can be seen in Delhi, where after the invention of the Metro, a wide number of local people have been starting to commute by train
of private vehicles. In conclusion,
the ecosystem has been depleting because of human actions,
issue can be controlled by the government and inhabitants
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  • Body paragraph 1 – Problems
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  • Conclusion

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  • Another problem that needs to be considered...
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