In same cities, governments have tried to reduce traffic. For instance, they impose tax during rush hour. Do you think this development is positive or negative?

The problem of transportation congestion in metropolitan was always debatable and now has become more controversial. Some masses believe that authorities should charge fines and take action to reduce the movement while others reject
notion by saying there are various ways to control vehicle rush. In my opinion, the former preposition appears more rational and in
essay, I will consider
as a positive development with valid reasons behind
notion and
leading to a logical conclusion.
To begin
with, there are myriad of reasons which will
elaborate the trend but the most preponderant one stems from the fact that reduction of vehicles on the road will minimise the pollutant particles from the environment and pollution free air.
In other words
, ministry efforts
help to reduce the polluted air produced by vehicles on road. Another pivotal aspect of
trend is that heavy motor congestion makes disturbing noise which leads to noise pollution. if the government made some rules
make the city noise free.
, the increasing number of automobiles on the road is the reason of accidents upward ratio. which is dangerous for humankind, fewer numbers of wheels will compress
hazardous situation.
, due to high transportation on the way to the designation, many folk face the problem with commuting distance from home to the office and due to ,that they migrate to their workstation areas. union actions will
help many working crowds to minimise their travel time.
that is
why many families are in the favour of
trend. To recapitulate, according to the aforementioned above one can reach the conclusion that the benefits of taking action against the increment in transit jams and imposing fines on the community are to reduce them. with strict ,rule law can solve any problem in one go.
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