Some people believe people can not solve environmental problems. Whereas, others believe in individuals are responsible for solving environmental problems. discuss both views and give your opinion

While some individuals tend to think that they are not responsible for environmental troubles and that problems happen regardless of their activities, others are confident that people are able to struggle with a multitude of environmental problems. In my point of view, people are responsible for issues with the earth and have to try to struggle with them using different approaches.
essay will examine both points of view and the conclusion will be given. On the one hand, some humans are confident that there is a number of problems a person cannot be responsible for
as melting glaciers, soil erosion, and others.
, humans have many different issues that they are forced to decide.
For example
, some individuals are poor and have to work overtime to earn a higher salary for buying products and ordering essential services.
, environmental questions become unnecessary for most men and women.
On the other hand
, each government is responsible for issues with air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion, and factory emissions.
, governments allow citizens to buy as many cars as they wish and it could be one of the reasons for air pollution due to fossil fuel which cars generate every day.
For instance
, due to the fact that public transport is inconvenient, humans are compelled to buy cars for saving time and,
, the air becomes contaminated. To sum up, each individual is compelled to make the world better by energy consumption using public transport, renewable and green energy, and being energy efficient.
, melting glaciers and soil erosions are dependent on every person in the world.
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