Women are better at childcare than men therefore they should focus more on raising children and less on their working life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Undoubtedly, raising children is a laborious task and needs full and undivided attention. While the majority of the older generation believes that only
should be focusing on their upbringing, the current generation argues that it is gender inequality and that a combined effort from both parents
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necessary. In
essay, I will extensively explain reasons to support my opinion based on real-life examples.
To begin
with, we live in a modern world of rapid technological development where
are as successful as
at their work. There is plenty of powerful
who are leaders of different countries, like Slovakia, Lithuania and Bangladesh, among others. There are many respectful ladies
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who hold the fort of many multinational successful multinational corporations.
In addition
, the
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that only
are good at working is absolutely irrelevant and not supported by relevant facts.
For instance
, one recent research has indicated that
in many areas tend to be more successful than their male companions.
As a result
, we can claim that
are equally potent as
in any field of work in
modern world.
On the other hand
, the common belief that
are way better for childcare is completely baseless.
In other words
, there are many families, where
take care of the little ones and do it really great. Some time ago one survey was conducted in the USA and it showed that families are more prosperous where the workload is shared by both partners. Apart from that, there is a great number of daycares triumphantly run by
. In a nutshell, it goes without saying, that the child’s upbringing used to be a wife’s chore in the previous century, but in the modern world, which we live in, both parents share
responsibility and
, I believe
that is
more of a gender-neutral task these days.
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