The inequality between rich and poor nations is now wider than it has ever been before. What do yo u think are the main causes of the difference and what do you think can be done to reduce the gap?

It is believed that the difference between developed and developing countries
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has been
show examples
growing throughout the decades.There are several significant reasons for it
as natural resources and modern technology usage,sadly but , I guess that it is impossible to reduce the gap between them. The main reason for
inequality is the resources and their usage,some countries are
more wealthy
due to
their location,area and other factors.It is obvious that if the country has more raw materials it would be able to produce more products which will benefit the economy and quality of life.
For instance
, even though Kazakhstan doesn't have the latest technology and lots of well-qualified specialists, it is relatively rich because of its geographical location.
On the other hand
, there are plenty of examples when a country without a large territory becomes wealthy because of several reasons, to be more exact Japan is a tiny country at the edge of Asia.
, it is one of the leaders of the world in indicators of the economy.It is mostly possible because of many people and their education
in particular
, Japan is an exception
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, not
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the rule and its success doesn't mean that other
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can copy its way of development.But other countries should try to do something like Japan.
To conclude
, nowadays inequality between poor regions and rich regions is wider than it was before and
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people around the world trying to find a solution to it.
problem seems to be impossible to solve right now.
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