Your local public library wants to make improvements to their services and facilities. In order to get ideas from the public, they have asked library users to send them suggestions in writing. Write a letter to the librarian. In your letter • describe what you like about the library • say what you don’t like • make suggestions for improvements.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing you
letter to express my idea concerning the public
services and facilities. I have been a member of your
since I was in college and I really admire the calming atmosphere which prevails there. The staff are
welcoming and dedicated to their work as they always help me whenever I have difficulties in finding some particular books.
, since there has been an increase in the number of people visiting the
during the
few years, sometimes it becomes a bit crowded and noisy especially since the
is small. It becomes quite disturbing whenever I have to do my assignment there.
, I have noticed that there are limited editions of university books and business magazines that can be very useful for university students. So, in my point of view, I would like to suggest you make your
more spacious and place the chairs and tables a bit far away from each other so that each individual can concentrate on his or her task.
, it would be better if you can increase the editions of the business magazines like purchasing them abroad if they are not available locally so that we as university students can benefit from them. Thanks for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Sarah Hubert
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • suggest
  • recommend
  • propose
  • advise
  • commend
  • commendable
  • improve
  • enhance
  • expand
  • extend
  • benefit
  • accommodate
  • organize
  • community events
  • programs
  • collection
  • e-books
  • digital resources
  • signage
  • workshops
  • classes
  • skills
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