Work is being done on street where you live .the noise is disturbing you.write a letter of complaint to local council .in your letter Introduce yourself Explain what the problem is Suggest solution to the problem

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to complain about the disturbance
that is
happening on A1 Street, where I live. I am a resident of
street since I was born, 40 years ago, and
is the
time I notice that our neighbourhood is suffering from
kind of noise. Since the beginning of the year, a company began an operation to fix the water distribution in
region. I believe that they are changing the pipes, which clearly were too old to run properly. The concern regarding
service is that, not only they are noisy during the evening, but
that we suffer from dust, which is polluting our houses. The entire neighbourhood expects them to stop the operation until 7 pm in order to make it possible for all to live their life normally.
your plan would be benefic for all of us, it has been impossible to rest during the night.
, would be important to solve the dust issue, using water to clean the ground during the day,
for instance
. I hope to receive an answer regarding our problems. Yours faithfully, Franklin Vale
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