The leaders of most organizations tend to be older people. However, some argue that younger people make better bosses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is observed that older individuals tend to be
in most businesses.
, opinions differ on whether these elderly
should lead their companies or younger people should do
the former usually gain profound knowledge and maturity needed for
, I believe that these benefits are far eclipsed by the open-mindedness and innovation of young
. On the one hand, seniors are usually profoundly knowledgeable as they usually have accumulated experience throughout their careers, which benefits their organizations in multiple ways.
For example
, elderly
can develop more practical and effective strategies to get their companies to succeed than younger ones
due to
their abundant understanding.
In addition
, it is undeniable that elders are more mature than the young, which explains that they can gain calmness regardless of challenges and crises which their businesses encounter.
, employees are more reliant on seniors than the latter.
On the other hand
, despite the aforementioned qualities of older
, these are outweighed by the open-mindedness and adaptability of the young seeking
. Regarding the former, young
are usually willing to adapt
according to
the trend of their age. A good example is that Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook when technological advancement was dominating aspects of people’s lives, led his company to tremendous success. With regards to the latter, because of wide access to the Internet and more democratic education, innovative ideas can be introduced by younger individuals. In a competitive environment, youth is experimental, and rather than overhauling the previous product they like to launch their new product and stand out from the crowd.
, having a creative young boss could be interesting and the work environment would be more enjoyable. In conclusion, in spite of the vast knowledge and maturity of seniors, I believe that
should be given to the young because of their open-mindedness and creativity. These qualities are more suitable in the age of technology.
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