Some people regard work as the most important thing in life and have little interest in anything else. Other people are most enthusiastic about their hobbies and leisure interest than their jobs. Discuss both of the attitudes and give your opinion.

It is often considered that the masses respect their jobs because they believed it is the most important thing in
as compared with other activities.
, a few individuals think that developing your hobbies and leisure interest is more crucial rather than working. In my, inclined work is more essential in the contemporary era.
essay will elaborate on both notions which
leads to a logical conclusion. Commencing, the population regards their working
as the first priority because nowadays wages matter a lot
folks used to work hard so they can enhance their source of income and they can live their
with comfort.
, it is believed that hard-working youths are more successful in
as compared with sedentary people.
For example
, in Kota, educatees are more consistent and dedicated toward their goals in
because they want to achieve their aim without any distractions. Moving
, some citizens want to enjoy their lifestyles
so they considered their leisure time as the most important, and it is good for them to relax and enjoy.
, the masses used to improve their hobbies which build their interest so they can develop their personalities.
, some individuals follow their passion in
because they are self-satisfied and have the greatest way of living.
For instance
, some mountain bike riders are known for their exploration of different areas
they follow their passion without any worries in
because they believed
is a one-time opportunity. In a nutshell, money is necessary for living a standard lifestyle which involves a lot of struggle and hard work.
In other words
, some netizens want to improve their personal hobbies and develop themselves in that they feel happier.
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