there have been some problems with the bus service, especially its reliability, in your area over the last two weeks. Write a letter to the manager of the bus company. In your letter • describe what the problems are • explain how these problems are affecting you • suggest what you would like the company to do

Dear Mr Joe, I, Kumarjeet Poddar, am currently associated with Capgemini India and I reside in Mumbai, precisely Santacruz. So, I prefer the bus to commute to my office location. Nowadays, I am facing some issues.
, I would like to tell you that the frequency of buses is not optimistic.
, travelling from Santacruz to Airoli is a quite tedious task for me but you have provided excellent facilities and it is convenient for people like me.
, for a few days, buses are not regular and it directly impacts the working hours at my office.
, It has been seen that for two weeks the reliability of buses has decreased.
Due to
, I am unable to reach the office on the time.
, I need to take a long route and it is too much stress. I would like to inform you that please check it personally because I have raised concerns multiple times but your company does not take any action.
, please take the necessary actions and please try to find reasons for
issue. I hope that you will take some action as soon as possible. yours faithfully, Kumarjeet Poddar
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