In order to improve a country’s education system, young students should be allowed to openly criticize their teachers during class time. What is your opinion? What are some other ways education systems could be improved?

Nowadays, there is a common belief that students should criticize their educationalist within lessons to develop a teaching system.
I disagree that it is not a good idea to make comments during class time, I think it is quite appropriate to receive feedback from students after classes to revise the teaching methods. The aim of the essay is to support my view and provide other ways how to develop education systems. On the one hand, it is not a proper approach to allow pupils to make notes within their lessons.
due to
the fact that children can start to make inappropriate comments which can be related to different topics and create much noise, all of which only slow the process of studying.
For example
, in Russia, there is an experimental class where adolescents could interrupt the speech of a teacher during a lesson, and after a couple of
periods, they passed a test which would show their knowledge.
As a result
, they didn’t manage to answer all the questions and they gave less proper answers in comparison with what used to be.
makes it clear that permission of criticism within studying time doesn’t allow to increase performance and success.
On the other hand
, it is quite useful to receive feedback from learners in the form of a survey, where they are able to write notes and pieces of advice on how to improve the teaching process.
For instance
, in China, it has become a well-spread practice to give pupils an opportunity to write about the drawbacks of their lessons to significantly improve the country’s educational methods.
according to
statistics, the number of successful teenagers from China has been growing every year, so it seems obvious that
an approach completely works.
, schools and universities have a great opportunity to increase their performance by allowing to pupils record their desires how to improve general studying methods.
In addition
, there is a vast proportion of other ways how to improve the studying courses.
, the government should allocate much more money to educational establishments. It would allow them to purchase contemporary equipment
as computers, tablets and desks.
, a significant number of schools and universities lack canteens with proper nutritious meals.
According to
research, a proper diet plays an important part in the comprehension of knowledge which increases thought activities.
To conclude
, I strongly believe that open comments during class time will only decrease the marks of students because of chaos. It seems clear that it is better to allow learners to give feedback in the form of a survey.
, additional funding from the government can
contribute to enhancing the studying process.
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