Modern societies need specialists in certain fields, but not others. Some people therefore think that governments should pay university fees for students who study subjects that are needed by society. Those who choose to study less relevant subjects should not receive government funding. Would the advantages of such an educational policy outweigh the disadvantages?

For the time being, specialists
in particular
aspects are paid attention to.
, they are believed to be given free of charge to college students. Meanwhile, other subjects are not supposed to be paid academic fees by governments. As one of the protesters of
idea, from my perspective,
policy would bring about tremendous disadvantages. In terms of society, the choice of which industries are necessary will heat up a noticeable controversy. To be more particular, lessons relevant to Art seem to have no need for the community.
, if their productions had not been noticed, human recreation resources would have lost
an invaluable masterpiece.
, every aspect of human life is indispensably contributed by all classifications of subjects, which are related to certain issues in society and have the ability to solve those problems. In fact, each personal notion will lead to different definitions of the need.
In addition
, the policy mentioned would bring about serious unemployment.
For example
, Vietnamese redundancy rates have ever-increased for the past 5 years given the unbalance of human resources between various jobs.
, if a subject is given free funding, not only will it have remarkably overloaded people pursuing it but the counterparts will
have inefficient resources.
, the quality of aspects regarded as insignificant will decrease intensively. English can be cited as an outstanding instance on the grounds that 100% of students have to improve their English language skills in
day and age. The fund support for
subject may make teaching linguistics become a non-profit job, and
there will be no one willing to devote themselves to it. In conclusion, unlike common interest, I believe institution fees will trigger the argument and vocation unbalance.
, being attentive to every field of educational curriculum is necessary
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