Some university students move away and live on their own while they are attending school, but others live at home with their family while they are students. Which do you think is a better choice? Give reasons to explain your answer.

Many people agreed that some university students should move away and live on their own
they are attending school, but others prefer to live at home with their families
they are students.
essay will explain both perspectives views. On one hand, there are some people who argued that scholars rather stay at a boarding house near schools or universities to reduce the time and distance to attend classes.
In addition
, if they come from a place
that is
far away from the campus, yet
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it will help them so much to focus on studying.
For instance
, 90% of learners at Indonesia University prefer to rent houses close to the campus rather than reside in their original homes. One of the reasons is the traffic jam in Jakarta City consume a lot of time for them,
it is not efficient for them.
On the other hand
, there are some scholars who do not ready to live alone,
it affects their mentality. There are some societies that stipulated that
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in a boarding house will expense you a lot since you should pay for your own food, laundry, and entertainment expense from your pocket.
For example
, based on the data from students who live near campus, 60% of the population agreed that their expenses rise significantly compare to
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at their own homes. In conclusion, I believe it will depend on the situation that learners will face in the future. If they come from a place that far away, it is better to live nearby the university.
, if they consider the expense that may cause, you should consider it again. For me, I prefer to live by myself since it will train my confidence, and
force me to be more mature than before.
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