Many people in community now buy consumer goods being cheaper, whether the advantages outweigh the disadantages?

In the current age, cheap consumer
are playing a significant role in our daily life. But in the meantime, whether people could buy consumer
cheaper, has sparked much debate. Some people believe that it is beneficial to economic growth,
many others argue that it increases environmental problems. Personally, I am in favour of the latter view. It is obvious that the disadvantages of being cheaper consumer
are various.
To begin
with, it will result in severe environmental pollution.
For instance
, if the price of
tends to be cheaper and cheaper for the reason that people will purchase more things that they actually do not need and they will dump a lot of waste.
As a result
, it might result in a series of environmental problems like global warming, climate change and soil pollution.
In addition
, it will increase the financial burden on the family.
For example
, families will pay more money if they purchase a large number of customer products
due to
the fact that they can buy what they want.
, it may increase family living costs.
On the other hand
, the advantage of
trend should not be ignored. It contributes to the development of the economy. To be more specific, it will boost the development of those relevant industries if the
tend to be more and more affordable for the reason that
trend will stimulate demand and attract more customers to purchase.
, it is more likely to promote the development of relevant industries. So it makes paying more tax to the country. In conclusion, from what has been discussed above, it is clear to reach that the negative effects of
matter outweigh its positive effects. I
strongly suggest that the company should not be cheaper
anymore if necessary.
, we should
pay attention to the good influence it might bring.
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