You recently ordered something online. When the delivery came, it was not complete. Write a letter to the company. In your letter, Explain what you ordered and what was missing from your delivery Explain the importance of this delivery ask for a replacement item to be sent

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter to draw your immediate attention to the incomplete
of my online purchase. Recently I saw there was a huge discount for certain items on your official website, so I decide to buy kitchen equipment with a free
option to replace my old broken one. On 22nd May, I ordered a KAIND Blender as mentioned above.
According to
the description mentioned on the website, the blender had three attachments, which included three different containers
along with
their lids.
, when I opened the
morning, I found the smallest size container and the lid of the largest size container were missing.
I have witnessed the product quality and customer services from your reputable brand, I am surprised by
careless action. The time of the item
is extremely important to me as I have to host a dinner party tomorrow that I need to prepare dishes using
equipment. I have contacted your online customer service team regarding the missing items in my order, they instructed me to write a complaint letter to you to proceed with
action. Please kindly arrange a replacement of new items as soon as possible
due to
my urgent need. Looking forward to a positive response from you. Yours faithfully, Ella Khin
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