You are planning a short visit to a city where one of your relatives lives. Write a letter to your relative. In your letter: • Explain when and how long you will be in town. • Ask whether you can stay at their home. • Offer to pay for yourself.

Dear cousin, I'm Jue! It has been almost a year since we saw each other the
time. Actually, I will be on a business trip to Tokyo for a conference on 1st July and I'm considering dropping by Osaka to spend the weekends with you, from July 2nd to July 3rd. What do you think? I often recall the time we spent together at grandma's house when we were kids and it was really fun, wasn't it? I still remember that we stayed up late to watch TV or sometimes talked all night long. Do you miss those days as I do? If possible and convenient for you, I can take the metro from the airport to your apartment and live with you for the weekends, like in the old days. Regarding
inquiry, I would like to pay for the accommodation fees and meals on weekends. It would make me comfortable casually spending time with you without any guilt. Please let me know if it doesn't work out for you. For
trip, most of my expenses, especially in Tokyo, will be covered by the company and the rest which belongs to my personal planning will be allocated by myself in advance. So don't worry at all! I'm looking forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in Osaka in July! Best Wishes, Jue
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