In many countries people are consuming more sugar-based drinks than before. Why is this happening and what could be done to reduce sugary drink consumption.

Drinking something sweet ,definitely brightens up the mood of a person, and helps them get through their hectic day at work, but is it really required?
According to
the Times survey conducted in 2022, the percentage of
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population consuming sugar-based drinks has gone up by 80% in the
decade. The rise in the above percentage indicates many things,
business-wise it's absolutely great with the increasing number of sales, the adverts which encourage the crowd to buy stuff. The thing is anything in limited quantities would be fine, but the companies
have become greedy and just for the sake of sales they do not tend to tell the health benefits if there are any. The larger amount of the population taking sugar is leading to problems
as obesity, PCOS in women and Type-2 diabetes. All these might not be immediate but in the long run, they are definitely going to affect the health of a person. Anything healthy usually does not taste good but with few exceptions. To encourage people to have less refined sugar, we can search for replacement options
as using jaggery which provides sweetness
as well as
mineral iron which is essential for being healthy and reduces the risk of heart issues.
Along with
the community, the "Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSA)" can
start making restrictions on companies to start using healthier ingredients in manufacturing that are both sweet and
add nutritional value.
, the government can start imposing higher taxes on products like carbonated drinks, hot chocolate, mocha frappe and anything
that is
sweet. In
way, at least society will be wary and try to think of the prices and refrain from buying them. The best way would be to educate folk on the risks and benefits of using sugar. In conclusion, I would say the world follows the West, if a much healthier lifestyle is adopted there,
there will be a change slowly and steadily.
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