You have been asked to organise a special dinner to celebrate your company’s achievements this year. Write a letter to the restaurant you have chosen. In your letter say : * why you want to come to the restaurant and when * how many people will attend the dinner * what special requirements you have

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter to book your restaurant for a special dinner to celebrate our company’s accomplishments. The reason why we chose your place is because of the food which I have heard is delicious, the ambience is exactly what we need and it is quite spacious which would accommodate our gathering. Let me elaborate in detail, the total number of employees that would be attending the occasion is 100.
, we have invited 50 clients out of which 30 are confirmed and the final number we will let you know in a day or two. I would like to request you some special requirements that we would need
as we do not require any kind of seafood.
, please do not add peanuts to any dishes as some individuals are allergic to them which can be problematic for them. I hope you will provide the best of your services. Waiting for your prompt reply. Yours sincerely, Sanchi Dhupar
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