Some people work for the same company or organisation during their whole working life why I don't see is dead. It is better to work for different companies discuss both views and give your opinion.

Over time, job choice has been based on individual preference. It is a subjective matter and could be different from person to person.
, a sizeable group of society believes that a lot of people want to toil in the same company for many years.
others emphasize that most people prefer being employed by different companies. I personally believe that individuals should have to take an opportunity which will come for better growth. On the one hand,
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those who spend their entire life in the same organisation can be rewarded with a variety of benefits.
, staying at any organisation for a longer period enhances a person's personal and professional development.
Along with
that it often provided pensions, paid international holidays,home loans and gratuity.
, the crowd
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to stay in long-term employment is to their attachment towards an organisation or we can say loyalty to it. They just feel happy and content with what the company offering them.
Apart from
, they are not interested
to learn
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new things. In most ,cases they are afraid of taking risks by leaving and changing workplaces.
On the other hand
, switching employment for a certain period of time can open a wide range of options. It is considered that there must be a bigger and new environment. You can meet other folk who come from different backgrounds.
, working in various companies
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a greater chance for employees to acquire an array of skills and have a broader network.
For instance
, one of the many cousins worked as a human resource manager for about four years
she switched her system every 1 year. In conclusion, I strongly believe that working in various organisations will mould a character to be the best version of himself.
, there is no harm in moving forward to mingle and learn new skills.
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