some people say that the mainimportant problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plnats and animlas. others say yhat there are more important enviromental problems. discuss both these views and give your opinion

It has been frequently argued that the biggest concern of the current era is the extinction of certain types of flora and fauna, whilst a few people opine that degrading natural quality is a significant problem. In the essay, I would like to shed light on both perspectives
along with
my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, as per some masses, endangered species is the most essential matter, nowadays.
, the natural phenomenon is in balance, as one category of animal relies on another one for its diet.
, if one of the breeds is extinct,
the other
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For instance
, if the forest does not include enough lions in it, as a repercussion the proportion of deer or other herbivores would drastically incline and there would not be a sufficient amount of grasses or leaves in the locality to feed on.
, a variety of plant species enhances the beauty of surroundings,
it is necessary to conserve them.
On the other hand
, there are more serious issues present in the atmosphere that need to be figured out as a priority. To commence with, the depleting air quality, especially after the
industrial revolution
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Industrial Revolution
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is the biggest threat. To fulfil overpopulation needs, the number of factories is increasing and these are emitting considerable harmful gases that are dangerous for inhabitants.
For example
, these days, patients with respiratory diseases are inclined,
due to
poor air quality.
Apart from
, the sound and air pollution because of traffic congestion in the urban areas is a huge problem that needs to be sorted. In conclusion, human activities are depleting the environmental balance and adding contaminants to it. In my opinion, the foremost issue to be solved
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is to preserve nature from harmful gases, so at the least, people
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survive. After that,
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animals and trees need to be conserved.
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