The natural Sesources such and fresh water as oil, forests. are being consumed. at an alarming rate. What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems.

It is seen that the volume of utilization of natural resources
as fossil fuels,flora
as well
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drinkable water is escalating by leaps and bounds.
essay will aim to consider the possible problems which
Verb problem
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along with
some possible solutions to mitigate
snag. Scrutinising with the most predominant problem, it is impossible to survive without drinking.To justify, there is only 3% of water on earth which is drinkable, if the individuals will overuse the water, they will have to face scarcity.
, more than half of the birds rely on trees for their habitat. So, the dearth of greenery would lead to the loss of their homes.
,forests play a vital role in reducing pollution. To be more precise, the roots of trees prevent soil erosion, their leaves alleviate greenhouse gases and generate oxygen which is necessary for living beings to survive.
As a result
of deforestation,the chances for natural disasters,
for example
,droughts and scarcity would occur.
Apart from
, the majority of industries
together with
transport depend upon oil for productivity. Ergo, the dearth of fossil fuels can halt the transportation and manufacturing of commodities. Despite the aforementioned problems, there are several solutions to tackle
scenario. The first and foremost one is to use alternative resources. To exemplify, diesel and petrol can be replaced by wind and solar energy.
As a consequence
, the consumption of oil could decrease.
, civilians should give preference to rainwater harvesting whether for agriculture or to use in household activities so that, rainwater Can be utilized rather than being a part of the waste.
In addition
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, the regime must impose taxes on the consumption of these resources and take strict actions against those who destroy them.
For instance
, industries chop the flora in order to make products like chopsticks, pencils and furniture.Which can be made out of other raw materials like iron, aluminium and others.
, the exploitation of these deposits can be mitigated.
To conclude
trend results in scarcity, natural disasters and pollution, I believe that
can be mitigated provided that the higher authorities would impose the laws strictly and the individuals would use other alternatives in spite of oil. Not only the government but
the community will have to work to tackle
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