Topic: Many doctors are concerned about the high use of computer games by children and young people. Task: what are the advantages and disadvantages of children playing computer games?

It is clear that
have gained popularity over the past few years, especially among children.
the trend is not without disadvantages, I believe the upsides can justify these. On the one hand, there are several drawbacks to the high use of computer
for young people.
since gaming is addictive in nature, young players would end up spending too much time on it, which can result in poor academic performance. In fact, students who are addicted to
leisure activity often have low learning scores since they tend to ignore homework or even skip school.
excessive screen time can lead to a number of health issues.
For example
, if a student is obsessed with computer
engages less in physical activity, he or she will be susceptible to obesity and noncommunicable diseases, including heart disease and stroke.
On the other hand
, the trend can be beneficial to children in many different ways. Gamers often have invaluable experience in solving complex problems and staying cool under great pressure. In fact, many
require a great deal of planning, strategic thinking and using logic to achieve goals, which are essential for young people when entering the workforce.
In addition
, playing
can help a child develop important social skills, including teamwork and collaboration.
For instance
, when playing PUBG, players are always organized into teams and they
Verb problem
show examples
have to learn how to communicate their ideas effectively and work
together with
other team members from diverse backgrounds, which can be particularly beneficial to those who struggle with social interaction or have difficulty making friends in other contexts. In short, the trend has both potential drawbacks and benefits.
, I believe that the upsides are more significant since gaming plays an important role in not only the way children develop but
in their future working lives.
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