In many cities the population is increasing. Some say that the urbanisation process denies us knowing our neighbors, and this causes a loss of community sense. What is the main problem with this? What measures can be taken to overcome it?

Undoubtedly, overpopulation around the globe has caused several complications, and housing is one go them.
, the government has introduced us to an urbanised infrastructure in a modern city, but it would have problems of separation and loss of neighbours and society members. The advancement in accommodation facilities with urbanise
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be considered
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the main factor of
over bursting
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population growth in past decades had
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resulted in
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a shortage of housing or any living space, but
was solved by urban development around the metro-cities.
enhancement has turned out to be a prison house for many pupils, where some are complaining about the loss of neighbours and communities in their lives.
is pretty reasonable in my point of view.
For example
, many would prefer to live with their neighbourhood friends, which
shares similar tradition and culture. So they will somewhere going to miss
opportunity in urbanisation.
On the other hand
, organisation special events by inviting neighbours and unknown folks around the city block and encouraging them to participate in community events could solve
In addition
, moving from suburbs to rural areas is another measure of
For instance
, city apartments with small units would not be plentiful for oversized families,
the countryside with the scenery of the natural environment will solve
To conclude
, urbanisation would
going to
Verb problem
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an effective way to short out the increased population dilemma, but there will be various problems to consider being humankind.
, community loss could be obtained by making newer ones.
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