Some think that it is more important for children to engage in outdoor activities instead of playing video games. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

According to
a certain view, it is essential for teenagers to be more into outdoor recreation than playing digital games. I fully agree with the given opinion because out-of-door activities provide physical and social interactions that both help with a better mental and physical state.  
To begin
with, hobbies that are practised outside provide aerobic exercises, ensuring
's better
health. They let adolescents engage in physical activities, enabling them to strengthen their physical condition and ensure better
function. To be specific, games
as basketball or volleyball demand the involvement of almost every muscle, enhancing
's physical durability.
For instance
,constant exposure to physically active games enlarges one's lung capacity. These types of entertainment have a positive impact on anxiety, helping
to stay sharp, as physical exercise increases oxygen to the brain and reduces the risk for disorders that lead to
loss.   Social interactions are another major reason why outdoor hobbies are better than indoor ones. Outdoor amusements offer a great opportunity to collaborate as a group, fostering critical
as well as
strategic thinking abilities.
In other words
, these recreations encourage
to think outside the box and take into consideration the weaknesses and strengths of team members in order to come up with a counterstrategy and win.
For example
, football involves the cooperation of a whole team to cover weak spots and effectively use strong ones', as without teamwork beneficial outcomes are not guaranteed.   In conclusion, it is important for
to participate in out-of-door engagements, as they provide a better physical state, prevent
loss, and
offer opportunities to learn how to be a part of a team.
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