Your best friend is moving back to your city after being overseas for five years. Write a letter to convince your friend to move in with you. In the letter: – Explain how much you have missed your friend – Describe how you feel about your friend’s return – Give reasons that you and your friend should share a home

Hi Erik, It's me, Son! How have you been? Welcome back to Vietnam my friend! I am sure that you will be surprised about how much
country has changed since 2018, which, in my point of view, amazes me as well! It is crazy to think that you have been away for 5 years because I still feel like yesterday whenever I look back to our time together. We had so much fun having a little banter on our favourite football clubs or hanging out with our group of friends! I am sure that Tay and Chuck love to have you again, as much as I do! With that being said, it is very likely that you may need to find a place to live again. Luckily for you, though, during
period, I have managed to rent an apartment near the centre of the city and I am looking for a tenant for the vacant room. The apartment is at the centre of Hanoi, with lots of restaurants and other entertainment places, especially for foreigners. I am sure that you will love the surroundings! For the rent, you only need to cover your electricity and water bill, I can take care of the rest. Until
, I can't wait to hang out with you again. I will
let Chuck and Tay know once you return to the country. Let me know your decision on my offer! Yours, Son Nguyen
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