More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses for communities in poorer countries. Why young people choose to do so? Who will benefit more: young people or the communities? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays, young generation focus on different activities like working as a volunteer in settings. A number of folk loves to give their short period to the public who required it
as giving lectures, building houses etc. I believe there are several particular reasons like providing aid to them and the following paragraphs will expatiate both stances with lucid examples. To commence with, the first and foremost reason of doing unpaid job is their symphatetic nature towards other.
means they have the soft skills who loves to perform the free activities to help others.
For example
: the population of developed nations always helps the developing countries to make houses to live under shelter in different weathers,especially in cold season. Apart from that,
is one of the best way to gain practice in their fields. To illustrate my point: in
competative world, it is next to impossible to get good job,
, lots of individuals gain participation through volunteer jobs like community service worker etc. In my opinion, both youngters and poorer countries have benefits in
type of opportunities. The significant example of
is collecting a contact in their own fileds is not helpful for only society but for young people too as they are using their knowledge into practice. To exemplify: a fresher nurse who works without money is not only performing duties but
using theortical information into pratical which ultimately helps them to clarify their doubts.
, if they want to take higher studies,
is good opportunity for them because they are in-touch with studies or work
as well as
they are learning everday from experienced people.
To conclude
, there is not doubt that hiring a candidates without money is efficient for the counties because they aid them in various scenario
as building homes for population who needs, beside, it is even more helpful for newcomers as they can gain experience and learn from these opportunities etc.
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