The maps below show an industrial area in town of Norbiton, and planned future development of the site

The maps below show an industrial area in town of Norbiton, and planned future development of the site
The maps depict the industrial area in the town of Nobition and the future design plan for its development.
, at the current time, the main constructions in
place are factories,
, they will be replaced by residential buildings and other amenities like a playground, health care and commercial centre. At present, there is a big roundabout in the central area which links to the East by a main
In addition
, many factories are constructed along the main
to the East and the roundabout. To the North of the town, there is farmland which is separated from the industry by a river. On the South of
location, a short
connects the roundabout and the
which runs from the
to the East. In the future, A significant change will replace all the factories as many houses built along the main
to the East and to the North
of the roundabout.
On the other hand
, the farmland will be abolished and a house will be built
. A bridge to the North and a small
to the
will be built to bring the convenience of travelling.
, there is a minimal change on the short
to the South which is a small roundabout that will replace the conjunction which links to the long
on the South.
, a medical centre on the East of the short
and some shops on its
will be situated as well.
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Conclusion: The conclusion is too long.
Vocabulary: Replace the words road, west with synonyms.
Vocabulary: Rephrase the word "undefined" in your introduction.
Vocabulary: Only 5 basic words for charts were used.
Vocabulary: The word "change" was used 2 times.
Vocabulary: Use several vocabularies to present the data in the second paragraph.
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