Some university students want to learn about other subjects in addition to their main subjects. Others believe it is more important to give all their time and attention to studying for a qualification. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

is fundamental for everyone to widen the borders of our horizons. Some
attend to subjects in their
duration behind their main educational subject.
, some advocate that they should only superior their study field to gain a qualification,
others believe that it is important for them to study not only their main field but
different areas, I would agree with the latter viewpoint.
To begin
with, one significant factor which must be considered why some would say focusing only on
lectures is important is that they should choose a career in future.
, if they put time into various study branches, they would definitely lose their concentration on their main field of
, they argue that
topics are enough for
' development.
is because educational lectures are designed to provide various criteria which educate a person to be professional enough for their upcoming job opportunities.
For example
, if a person studies electrical engineering, he or she will take some management or economics classes which help them in their working fields.
As a result
, student by only focusing on their main topic significantly benefited.
, I believe, they should take extracurricular classes because
is not just about winning a competition for qualification. The reason is that the vast majority of jobs in the market need more than just one certificate.
For example
, Computer engineering
learn some coding languages like C++ or Java, and they send applications to attend jobs and more skills
as programming with Python are requested from them. Despite
fact, if a student wants to move up the career ladder and find his or her dream job, they would have to learn new traits by attending in side subjects.
will result in finding better jobs with more security for them in future.
To conclude
some individuals claim that
on the main subject at
is completely enough for
, In my point of view, other factors are necessary to be involved in other subjects and learn more than what is offered in universities if they want to be successful
they are entering career fields.
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