A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions. Old-fashioned values, such as honour, kindness and trust, no longer seem important. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In our Modern world,
are quick to jump at equating
's material belongings to their worth. By so doing, great attributes like integrity, generosity and loyalty are deemed outdated and no longer relevant. I do agree with the initial notion but do not agree with the latter. My essay will elaborate on these.
To begin
with flashy material possessions are more respected in our modern society.
For example
, Wendy Shay, a pop star songstress in Ghana displays affluent lifestyles by posting plush cars, displaying expensive watches and wearing branded clothes to quickly catch the attention of viewers on social media platforms. She has millions of followers and her lifestyle depicts how wealthy she is.
Replace the word
show examples
whether or not what she puts out there is true or not and do not even bother whether she acquired
wealth the genuine way. All they do is believe what they see. Some of her followers even go to the extent of requesting she become their mentor. I somewhat agree with equating one's possessions to their worth because no matter what, we all have a choice to invest in what we wear and own and
that is
how some choose to go about theirs.
On the other hand
, most
place a premium on how others treat them. And so they cherish kind acts of deeds, loyalty and nobility. These are traditional attributes taught to us by our parents. They can never be done away with because no matter how much riches a person has, if he or she is not generous,
person does not benefit society in any way. We all are comfortable around
with pleasant attitudes. An example is a recent news article on Elon Musk's visit to Ukraine where he made huge donations to the needy. There have been other reports of other influential individuals making donations to orphanages.
goes to show that even
know the importance of kindness.
, I am of the view that traits of kindness, trust and honour are still invaluable in today's world and do not agree with the fact that they are no longer significant.
To sum up
, I agree material possessions are a way of showing one's worth but, trust, honour and kindness still stand as we all are moved by
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Social status
  • Material possessions
  • Old-fashioned values
  • Honour
  • Kindness
  • Trust
  • Judged
  • Importance
  • Traditional
  • Reflection
  • Achievements
  • Hard work
  • Disregarded
  • Well-balanced
  • Meaningful
  • Cultural norms
  • Societal norms
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