In many societies, there is a growing emphasis in individualism, with people prioritizing their personal goals and desires over collective interest. Is this is a positive or negative development?

are convinced that their individual goal is more vital than the aim of the whole team.
is caused by the statement of the new society, where compared with teamwork, personal task achievements are highly rewarded.
, these change leads to adverse improvement in society, because projects from a global perspective can not be done by one human and group work will always show significant effectiveness. First and foremost, the emphasis on personal aims prevents global problems from being solved. Worldwide issues can not be tackled easily, because they require knowledge from disparate fields;
, more than one individual must be participated in
problem solutions.
For instance
, climate change affects all countries over the world. In order to prevent the rising of the temperature, the data from different areas of the Earth should be collected and the groups of scientists must cooperate and think about the solution.
, collective working leads to much more effective results, compared with ones, those done by individuals.
is caused by the reason that when
discuss about problem, they reveal the hidden parts of the puzzle through comparing different views.
discussions often provide new ideas and practical solutions.
For example
, the most significant breakthroughs in science are made by groups of two or more
like Irene Curie and her husband, who won the Nobel prize for creating radioactive elements. In conclusion, pursuing personal aims by
, results in an inability to handle global issues and deal with obstacles productively.
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